Monday, March 25, 2013

Building a Business....It's Kinda Hard.

Business owners/fellow photographers:  Have you ever wished for a time machine??  A chance to go back to the beginning of your business and re-do the way you run things?  Me too!!!

I started out, (and this is embarrassing), giving away my sd cards so clients could just go plug them into a kiosk at a local retailer to get their prints.  (I can't believe I said that out loud!).  I only charged $30 for Kids and Families, $70 for Senior Pictures and a wedding was just $300.  But as I gained confidence and my images starting improving I raised my prices and went to burning discs for my clients.  At first, I was burning over 100 images. Then I 'narrowed it down' to 80....LOL.  When my husband staged an intervention, (not really....but kinda), I whittled it down to 30 images....and that's where it was last year and into the beginning of this year. 

Up until last fall, I thought I had a good thing going!  Clients LOVE getting a disc with their images/printing rights!  And for good reason!  For me, it was somewhat easy....take the pics, edit, burn, mail disc, done.  But then I booked more and more....and more.....and WAY MORE sessions than I've ever taken....EVER.  I was spending my entire weekends shooting from 9a.m. Saturday morning until sunset on Sunday evenings. Monday's thru Friday's were spent editing from 6a.m. until 9 or 10p.m.....sometimes 2a.m. if someone needed their disc in a hurry.   And all the sudden, my business was was my sanity.  When my family was playing a game or watching a Christmas movie, I was at the table in the other room working on edits.  It was sad.

My husband and I sat down and figured how much I was making per hour based on my rates.....and I think I cried.  (I can't remember clearly due to the lack of sleep I was getting at the time).  I think it ended up being the pay rate of a sweat shop in China.  And due to the fact that I barely took a break to eat or go to the bathroom, I looked like a sweat shop worker, too.  Not cute.

We then sat down and figured out how much I would make per year if I had filled my calendar COMPLETELY at the rates I'm charging..... Let's just say it didn't move me out of 'poverty level' income.  ARE YOU KIDDING!?  Not kidding.

So, things had to change.  Quickly. And they are.  And it's good! 

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