Thursday, May 5, 2011

Happy Mother's Day!

Good Thursday Morning!!  Well, as you have probably noticed, I haven't added any more businesses to my blog lately:(  I've been SO busy!  I'll get back into the swing of things soon, but for now I thought I would just sit down and chit chat.......and share how MY business came to be:)  (I love this story!!)

Two years ago in March, our Sunday school class back at First Baptist of Mt. Zion, (shout out---holla!!), started a book called, "One Month to Live: 30 Days to a No-Regrets Life", by Kerry & Chris Shook.  In a nutshell: What would you do if you knew you only had 30 days left on this planet?  Are you doing everything you want to do with your life?  Are you soaking up each moment of every single day?
It was a life changer.  Jon and I would spend Sunday afternoons on the couch talking about what we had read that morning in Sunday school.  We'd ask each other questions, debate things we didn't agree on, and try to answer the general question: "What would you do differently?"

One Sunday afternoon, Jon looked at me and asked these two questions, "Are you doing what makes you happy?"  "If you could do ONE thing in your life that's different from what you're doing, what would it be?"  Answer to #1: "No."  Answer to #2: "I would start my photography business."

Now, for about 15 years I had been taking pictures of friends, family and even a few people who were referred to me.  I would use my 35 mm Canon Rebel film camera and hope for the best.  Soon, a few friends had bought the new DSLR cameras and let me borrow them whenever someone wanted a wedding or senior pictures taken.  I wanted a camera SO bad, but I wasn't making NEAR enough to justify buying one.  So, when Jon asked me those questions, the answers flew out of my mouth without hesitation.

So, two years ago on Mother's Day, Jon handed me a roll of $20 bills and said, "I think it's time you go buy that camera and get your business off the ground." :)  I was in the car and on my way to Best Buy within 20 minutes!  By the evening, I had filled up a 2 gig memory card with pictures of my kids, my dog, my house, the tree in the front name it! :)   I laugh when I think about it. 

Today, I've graduated to yet another new camera and will be purchasing my DREAM camera, (the Canon 5D Markll), very VERY SOON! :)  I'll be enrolling in The New York Institute of Photography this year as well.  I think it's only fair to my customers and other photographers that I go from 'self-taught' to 'degreed'.  I have no plans for a studio.  The thought of overhead is soooo not appealing to me.  My goal: fill my calendar & give my clients great images at a great price.  That's it.

Photographers are in a fickle business.  Getting pictures taken is usually not on the forefront of everyone's mind.  It's not a necessity.  It's a luxury.  It's easy to forget to call and book an appointment.  It's easy to forget where you laid that business card I gave you.  And that's o.k.:)  It's all part of the business I chose.  So, there you have it.  My business profile:)  Now, go get your calendars, look for an available day & call me to book your next photoshoot! :)  Just foolin'......sorta;) 
Have a wonderful weekend and a fabulous Mother's Day!!

Tia Wind Photography

Welcome to my blog! I'm so glad you stopped by! I try to blog daily, but I'm sure I'll fall off the wagon eventually:) So, here's a little about me.....

I'm a wife, mother, sister and friend. I take my camera EVERYWHERE I go. Creating images that make my customers happy is my one and only goal! I love, love, LOVE getting behind the camera and do so every chance I get! I'm located in the Benton/Bryant/Central Arkansas area.

I'm an on location natural light photographer, which means I come to you and I use whatever light is available. I don't lug around heavy lights and equipment. And the best part about that is the fact that I don't have any overhead! Which means I can offer YOU great pictures at amazing prices!

Enjoy cruising through my blog:) Call me for details on my sessions and investment. I look forward to building my list of new friends and clients!

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Above all, I'm a mom of 3 amazing kis and a wife to the hottest man on the planet! :) Secondly, I'm a photographer. You can use this blog to keep up to date on recent sessions, news, upcoming events or just random posts about my life:) I shoot primarily in natural light and on location. I stive to capture my subjects' spirit and personality in every image I take! I'm living my dream!