Friday, May 31, 2013

Hot Fun in the Summer Time!

SCHOOL'S OUT!  It's summer break and we're loving it! 

Every year, I'm amazed at how quickly the school year goes, but this year it seems like it just FLEW!  Am I the only one who's thinking this??  My kids will be in 7th and 10th did this happen?  As I'm writing this, I'm watching my 15 year old daughter clean the kitchen and mop the floor......WITHOU BEING TOLD.  Um, I may just completely die here! Are the years of hovering and telling them OVER AND OVER AND OVER to do their simple little chores over with?  Could it be?  For the love of God, I hope so!
But in reality, I highly doubt it.     BOOM!  The dream is over....I just had to tell my son to pick up the dirty sock that he kept stepping over as he walked through the living room.  I mean really!  When does it sink in that dirty clothes floating across the middle of the living room floor isn't the normal in this house?!  Or that if you blow your nose, the kleenex gets disposed of in the trash can......NOT on the coffee table.  No one like a pile of snot wads sitting in the middle of the room for all to see.  Ug.

In other news:
This summer we have a couple trips back to Illinois planned and are gearing up as we speak:)  I can't wait to see my little sister who is expecting her third baby boy!  We are also building a new deck so we can actually enjoy our back yard.  A pool would be nice, but we'd have to sell one of the kids in order to afford one, so we'll pass......this year. ;)

Sessions have really picked up this year and my summer looks steady.  Not raging busy, but a nice even keel.....I like it.  Fall Family Sessions are already almost full!  I'm still in awe by that wonderful fact.  And I have lots of new things up my sleeve.  New props.  New locations.  New, new, new:)

And that about wraps it up:)  My husband took the day off to work on the new deck and he just poked his head in to let me know that he needs my help.  Of course he does!  I just managed to sit down for the first time today.....that automatically insures that someone needs me.  HAPPY FRIDAY!

Thursday, May 2, 2013



Social Media FREAK! Yep, That's Me!

I grew up in the 80's. The days when home video cameras were huge and weighed about 30 lbs. or more! And they cost a fortune! My family never had one, but my grandpa did and we LOVED hamming it up whenever he turned it on. (I'm sure we were annoying, but when the camera turned on, so did we!)
Oh, goodness! If there were iphones back in the 80's, I would have been in trouble! Talk about a huge distraction! LOL I have a feeling I would have spent most of my jr high and high school life grounded from any kind of technology involving pictures, videos and status updates! hahaha!! But now... Oh! Now I'm a grown up and I can do whatever I want! And being a business owner, I have found that social media is the best, most absolutely wonderful way of advertising, communicating and sharing!

Facebook, Instagram, Vine, Twitter and Keek. My husband calls me a social media freak;) And I embrace it;)
So, if you haven't yet seen my posts concerning Keek...... Oh, who am I kidding!? I'm sure you have;) And I'm loving it:) Keek is like Instagram, only with video. So, now I'm sharing my little videos with you thru Keek:) I post some of them on my Facebook, while others I just upload to Keek and let my followers/subscribers see. The content is random... I share my family, photography, Pinterest projects, pets, well, a little of everything:)

I'm also having Flash Sales on Keek. What a great way for you to save some CASH!! I'll be selling half priced gift certificates, prints and even discounts on sessions! But you have to be a follower/subscriber. The Keek app is available from the app store and is totally free:) Just download it to your smart phone and start following me at tiawind1973. Boom!

I would ABSOLUTELY love for you to be a follower/subscriber!! And I'd love to follow you as well! Please, for the love of all that is holy, (and so you don't have to listen to me beg), get the app and follow me:) I'm also on Vine, Twitter and Instagram;) I hope to see you ALL soon on Keek! My goal is to get every single person who has 'liked' my page to follow me. I know that's probably not going to happen, but the more, the merrier!
AND for every 50 follows, I'll be having a $50 gift certificate giveaway!

Tia Wind Photography

Welcome to my blog! I'm so glad you stopped by! I try to blog daily, but I'm sure I'll fall off the wagon eventually:) So, here's a little about me.....

I'm a wife, mother, sister and friend. I take my camera EVERYWHERE I go. Creating images that make my customers happy is my one and only goal! I love, love, LOVE getting behind the camera and do so every chance I get! I'm located in the Benton/Bryant/Central Arkansas area.

I'm an on location natural light photographer, which means I come to you and I use whatever light is available. I don't lug around heavy lights and equipment. And the best part about that is the fact that I don't have any overhead! Which means I can offer YOU great pictures at amazing prices!

Enjoy cruising through my blog:) Call me for details on my sessions and investment. I look forward to building my list of new friends and clients!

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Above all, I'm a mom of 3 amazing kis and a wife to the hottest man on the planet! :) Secondly, I'm a photographer. You can use this blog to keep up to date on recent sessions, news, upcoming events or just random posts about my life:) I shoot primarily in natural light and on location. I stive to capture my subjects' spirit and personality in every image I take! I'm living my dream!