Thursday, December 8, 2011

Merry Christmas!

Oh, Dear Lord!!  It's been WAY TOO LONG since I was on here last!  Sometimes I get so busy I forget about the blog!  That must change!!

I just wanted to take a couple minutes to tell you all how much I appreciate your business and friendship.  I'm wrapping up my second year in business here in Arkansas and I'm blown away at how it's grown.....all because of YOU!   Last year at this time I was struggling to get all my Christmas appointments filled.  This year, I booked them all by the beginning of Dec. and I'm busy, busy, BUSY!  My goal for next year is to book my year FULL by May or June.  It can happen:)  I'm so excited to see where this year will lead.

I'm offering my pre-booking special from now until the end of December.  If you call this month and book your sessions for 2012 you will receive $50 off.  I've had several people call and book their weddings,  child's Birthday Sessions and even a few Babies First Year Sessions:)   You may want to get ahold of me soon......I'm counting on filling up fast! 
I won't be shooting many outdoor sessions this summer, (unless the excessive heat stays away).  Most summer sessions will be shot at the State Capitol building where it's nice and cool.....or  any other indoor facility that's well lit:)  Plus, my kids will be on summer break, so I'd love to spend as much time with them as possible:)

My busy seasons have been spring and fall/winter.  I'm also taking names to place on a waiting list for my Spring Sessions at Wye Mt.'s Daffodil Festival in March.  If you're interested, let me know.  The festival is usually announced a few weeks before it begins.  You just never know when those daffodils are going to bloom. 

As you can see, 2012 is going to be super full, super busy and super AWESOME! :)  I look forward to seeing my old clients and meeting new ones!  You are my advertisers.  My business is powered by word of mouth, facebook, my website/blog and the logo on the back of my Dodge Carivan;) LOL  I have enjoyed every minute of this past year serving you and I look forward to doing  more of the same in 2012!

Thursday, September 1, 2011

Wild Ivy Salon & Day Spa

On Monday I had the pleasure of meeting Leia Vick and her team of stylists, esthetician, massage therapist, make up artist, salon coordinator & manicurist for a fun photo shoot.  I offer businesses the opportunity to hire me to  take pictures for their websites, social networks and their work spaces.  This one was one of my favorites.  The ladies & gentleman were up for anything, so we made the most of it and had a wonderul time.
Here are a few images from our day......   I don't want to post all of them, because you need to head over to their website at once they get their favorites uploaded:)

Owner, Leia Vick

Saturday, August 20, 2011

1940's Vintage Photoshoot

Oh, to live in a world where hair, makeup and clothes were highly fashionable and works of art.  That's how it was back in the 1940's.  Pin curls were the norm and women dressed up just to clean the house.  Or so it seemed. 
In today's society, we see young women shopping in their pajamas, (I'm guilty of that one!), hair pulled up in a knot, (again, guilty), and no makeup, (did it last week).  The stylists at Sassy Shears are having an AMAZING promotion!  All you have to do is email them at and tell them why you'd like to be picked for a 1940's makeover followed by a photoshoot with me:)  Only 8 to 10 people will be chosen!
Have your email sent to them by September 19th along with a snapshot of yourself.  You may just win!  We had fun last weekend 'practicing' hair and makeup and followed up with a mini shoot in the salon:)  What a blast!  Enjoy these images and then head over to Sassy Shears to email your entry!  It'll be the bee's knees! ;)

Thursday, August 11, 2011

Back to School!

Where in the world did the summer go?!  And why in the world haven't I been keeping up on my blog?!  I'm tellin' ya, it's been SO busy around here!!  Lots going on and lots on the schedule for the rest of the year!

Well, Mom and Dad's visit was wonderful:)  It was great seeing my little sister as well!  She brought her prom dress for a fun 'Trash the Dress' Session and we had a blast!  Here's an image from our shoot:
She was such a good sport sitting in the freezing creek:)  What a trouper!  I can't wait until I get more calls for Trash the Dress Sessions!

After my family went back home to Illinois, we headed to Perdido Key and had a WONDERFUL time!!  We spent every day on the beach and got plenty of sun:)  Here are a couple images from our trip:

So. Much. Fun!!  A few weeks later, I headed up to Illinois to see my family and spend time relaxing with everyone before all the hussle of the upcoming school year hit.  We spent a lot of time sleeping in and hanging out on Mom and Dad's deck.  Aaahhhh!  It was a breath of fresh air! 
My sweet Layla!  You have seen MANY of this little one's images on my website and blog over the past 3 years!  We were  able to stop by and visit Layla and her mommy when we went home to Illinois:)  WE MISS YOU, LULU!!

After our whirlwind of visits, vacations and road trips it was time to get back into the swing of things. This summer has been so INCREDIBLY hot that shooting was put on the back burner a bit.  I have only been shooting in the early mornings and early evenings.  With the heat index at 125 degrees, its just been too TOO hot!

I also started a part time side job at my good friend's salon.  You've actually seen her business profile on here:)  Sassy Shears Salon is a hopping place to be!  I work 3 days a week for just a few hours each day, but I absolutely love it!  The girls are so great and I LOVE meeting all the wonderful people who come through the doors!

Right now I'm gearing up for cooler weather and have been booking lots of Fall Family Sessions, Halloween Sessions and even a few Christmas Family Sessions!  LOVE IT! 

Life is busy and wonderful and I'm loving every minute! 
Well, that's a really quick summary to update you on what's been happening in my neck of the woods:)  I'll be posting more very soon with everything that's going on!  Stay tuned to see some very cool 1940's vintage inspired 'pin up' pics!  Just a little project we're working on at the salon and it's going to be FAB-U-LOUS!

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Much Ado About Nothing

Good Morning!  As I was getting ready to log off for the morning I thought I would head over here to my blogspot and remind myself when it was that I last wrote......HOLY COW!  Did the month of May REALLY go that fast!?  Yes, I believe it did.  Wow.

I have been keeping myself busy with the the house, the kids, the husband and, of course, taking lots of pictures.  School is almost out for the summer!  We are so excited!  I can't wait to surprise the kids with my list of daily chores they'll be doing;)  Oh, the things they will learn this summer!  When it's all said and done, I may never fold laundry again!  heehee

We have so much planned for this summer!  My parents and baby sister, (she's 20, but still a baby to me), will be headed down this Saturday and will be spending a week with us!  We have lots planned and it looks like the weather will cooperate as well:)  We'll be sight seeing, hiking, fishing and taking lots and LOTS of pictures.  My sister is bringing her old prom dress for a Trash the Dress session and I'm completely beside myself with excitement! 

At the end of June we're headed to Perdido Key for a relaxing family vacation.  I'm excited to get my feet in the sand and just SIT.  That's all I want to do....SIT.  We haven't taken the kids to the ocean yet, so this will be their first time:)  They are so excited! 

For the rest of the month I'll be shooting as much as I can and, perhaps, making a few trips to Wild River Country or Magic Springs to let the kids romp in the water.  Arkansas is full of so many places to go for summer fun!  Sometimes I feel like we're on vacation simply because we're close to so many great places! 
Well, I guess that's it for the day:)  You've officially been 'caught up'. :)  Now, if someone wants to come over for the next 3 days and help paint our living room, dining room and kitchen I'd be obliged! :)  HAPPY JUNE, Y'ALL!!

Thursday, May 5, 2011

Happy Mother's Day!

Good Thursday Morning!!  Well, as you have probably noticed, I haven't added any more businesses to my blog lately:(  I've been SO busy!  I'll get back into the swing of things soon, but for now I thought I would just sit down and chit chat.......and share how MY business came to be:)  (I love this story!!)

Two years ago in March, our Sunday school class back at First Baptist of Mt. Zion, (shout out---holla!!), started a book called, "One Month to Live: 30 Days to a No-Regrets Life", by Kerry & Chris Shook.  In a nutshell: What would you do if you knew you only had 30 days left on this planet?  Are you doing everything you want to do with your life?  Are you soaking up each moment of every single day?
It was a life changer.  Jon and I would spend Sunday afternoons on the couch talking about what we had read that morning in Sunday school.  We'd ask each other questions, debate things we didn't agree on, and try to answer the general question: "What would you do differently?"

One Sunday afternoon, Jon looked at me and asked these two questions, "Are you doing what makes you happy?"  "If you could do ONE thing in your life that's different from what you're doing, what would it be?"  Answer to #1: "No."  Answer to #2: "I would start my photography business."

Now, for about 15 years I had been taking pictures of friends, family and even a few people who were referred to me.  I would use my 35 mm Canon Rebel film camera and hope for the best.  Soon, a few friends had bought the new DSLR cameras and let me borrow them whenever someone wanted a wedding or senior pictures taken.  I wanted a camera SO bad, but I wasn't making NEAR enough to justify buying one.  So, when Jon asked me those questions, the answers flew out of my mouth without hesitation.

So, two years ago on Mother's Day, Jon handed me a roll of $20 bills and said, "I think it's time you go buy that camera and get your business off the ground." :)  I was in the car and on my way to Best Buy within 20 minutes!  By the evening, I had filled up a 2 gig memory card with pictures of my kids, my dog, my house, the tree in the front name it! :)   I laugh when I think about it. 

Today, I've graduated to yet another new camera and will be purchasing my DREAM camera, (the Canon 5D Markll), very VERY SOON! :)  I'll be enrolling in The New York Institute of Photography this year as well.  I think it's only fair to my customers and other photographers that I go from 'self-taught' to 'degreed'.  I have no plans for a studio.  The thought of overhead is soooo not appealing to me.  My goal: fill my calendar & give my clients great images at a great price.  That's it.

Photographers are in a fickle business.  Getting pictures taken is usually not on the forefront of everyone's mind.  It's not a necessity.  It's a luxury.  It's easy to forget to call and book an appointment.  It's easy to forget where you laid that business card I gave you.  And that's o.k.:)  It's all part of the business I chose.  So, there you have it.  My business profile:)  Now, go get your calendars, look for an available day & call me to book your next photoshoot! :)  Just foolin'......sorta;) 
Have a wonderful weekend and a fabulous Mother's Day!!

Friday, April 1, 2011

Bauer's Confections

I love chocolate.  I mean, I REALLY love chocolate.  So, when my cousin's wife, Amber asked me to take a few shots of her husband, Troy's, handywork for their new business, I readily agreed.  When she told me they would pay me in chocolate I IMMEDIATELY emailed and said, "YES, YES AND YES!!!!"  (Family perks rock my world!!!)

Troy Bauer made the most AMAZING truffles for his wedding a few years back.  Thus began the rave review from friends and family and the encouragement to start his own biz.  So, last year he decided that he wanted to expand his horizons.  Hmmmm, maybe a confection business.....selling the truffles......and maybe some chocolate cordials.....add in some salt water taffy, turtles, caramels.  BINGO!  Bauer's Confections was born and is now beginning to grow.  (Troy even made his own machine for pulling the taffy...he's such a clever genious!) ;) 

Bauer's Confections is located in Greenfield, Indiana....but don't worry:  they take orders and ship the chocolates to your doorstep:)  I did the 'Happy Dance' on Monday when I discovered said box at my door!  After the photoshoot, I sat on the couch and had way too many chocolate cordials.  But they were OH, SO GOOD! 
I'm amazed at the amount of flavors they add to their truffles!  Espresso, Cayenne Chili, Mexican Hot Chocolate, Key Lime & Strawberries and Cream are just a few!  And the taffy.....there are 23 flavors including Pomegranate, Pina Colata and Rootbeer. 

Here's the review I wrote on their Facebook Review Wall: ~ " Oh......My......GOODNESS!! Where do I start? The truffles melt in your mouth, the taffy reminds me of being a kid at the fair, the chocolate covered cherries are to DIE for, the caramels are so smooth and dreamy & the turtles are the best I've ever had. I think that pretty much covers it:) Get a sample of everything, find your favorite and make yourself a life long customer! Great for weddings, special events, gifts or just because!~

So, do yourself a favor and look them up!!  Their website is still in the process of being built, but they're on Facebook at 'Bauer's Confections'.  Find 'em.  Like 'em.  Call 'em.  The world needs chocolate.....and Bauer's Confections is the perfect place to get it!!!

Thursday, March 17, 2011

Holy Cupcakes!!

I've got 3 words for you:  Cupcakes on Kavanaugh!!  This dream bakery is the home of daily fresh baked cupcakes who's fluffy clouds of icing begs you to take a bite!  The aroma of Heaven greets you as you walk through the door and you immediately head for the display case to TRY and decide which cupcake speaks to your soul.  Which was hard for me, because they ALL spoke to my soul........sweetly and tenderly:)

Cupcake Fairy, Mary, is busy behind the counter as the day begins.

At 'Cupcakes' the day begins at 2:00 a.m..  Yes, I said, "2:00 A.M."!!  While we are peacefully dreaming in our cozy beds the cupcake fairies are busy at work making those dreams come true.  Everything at 'Cupcakes' is made from scratch with natural and organic ingredients, so it makes indulging in their sweet treats SO MUCH EASIER to do:)  And what's even better; a lot of the recipes belong to owner, Christy Milligan's mother and grandmother.  (You have to try the Oatmeal Creme Pie cupcake!  It tastes like 'home'!  It's the perfect cupcake to eat while you are curled up on the couch writing a blog!) ;)

Owner, Christy Milligan, showed me around and I gotta say, the place is emaculate!  They obviously take pride in every aspect of the business and it shows!  I love that they bake, decorate and package everything in their open air kitchen.  You get to watch the magic as it happens!

Cupcake Fairy, Kim, begins the task of decorating Peanut Butter Cup Cupcakes.  YUM!

But the most important thing to remember when visiting Cupcakes on Kavanaugh is this:  Aways take a little extra cash when you go!  You KNOW you have to get more than just one!  Heck, you have to get more than 2 or 3!  Here's what you do: Get a box of 6 and mix it up.  I came home with a Classic Vanilla, Black Tie, Nutter Butter, Red Velvette, Nutty Irishman and an Oatmeal Creme Pie cupcake, (which is resting  comfortably in my tummy!).

My stash!  OH....SO....GOOD!

Going to Cupcakes on Kavanaugh is a MUST for every cupcake lover in the Central Akansas area!  Go now and GO OFTEN:)  There's absolutely nothing wrong with making weekly trips to the bakery!  You know what they say, "Don't Worry, Eat Happy!"

Owner, (and SUPER gracious host), Christy Milligan.
'Cupcakes' is owned by couple, Chris & Christy Milligan.  Cupcakes on Kavanaugh is located at 5625 Kavanaugh Blvd. in Little Rock, Arkansas.  They are also located at Cupcakes on the Ridge at Pleasant Ridge Town Center, 11525 Cantrell Rd., also in Little Rock, Arkansas.  Business hours are Tue-Fri 10-6 and Sat. 10-5

Friday, March 11, 2011

This Week's Feature: Sassy Shears

 This week's featured business is one of my very favorites!  One: because this is where my family and I get our hair done.  Two:  Owner, Stephanie Witherspoon, is a wonderful friend of mine! :)  Ladies and Gentlemen, welcome to Sassy Shears Salon!!

Owner, Stephanie Witherspoon

Sassy Shears' waiting area welcomes you as you walk through the doors.  Business hours are Tuesday thru Friday: 9-6 and Saturday: 9-2
 Two years ago, Stephanie decided that after 12 years of working for someone else it was time to branch out on her own.  She opened Sassy Shears Salon at 17328 I-30, Suite 5 and the rest is history.  The salon is bustling with 5 stylists, 2 massage therapists and 1 esthetician. 
Call Sassy Shears today!  1-501-794-1007

 The friendly atmosphere is so inviting!!  Each time I walk in the door there's always a friendly smile to greet me.  And you won't lack for great conversation!  I mean, come on.....isn't that the REAL reason we go the salon?  So, if you're looking for a fresh new style, just a trim or a brand new color call Sassy Shears!  And if you just need some revitalization and 'YOU' time, call for a massage or a facial!  NOTE: Yam and pumpkin enzyme peels are coming soon!   (Doesn't that sound YUMMY??)  Contact Jennifer Jasay for more details! 
Owner, Stephanie Witherspoon and Stylist, Leslie Hudnall stay very busy!

Stylist, Laura Cowart bangs out a fresh color.
Esthetician, Jennifer Jasay

Sassy Shears Stylists:  Stephanie Witherspoon, Leslie Hudnall, Sarah Maples, Laura Cowart & Brandie Taylor
Massage Therapists: Sarah Sullivan & Chris Tripplet
Esthetician:  Jennifer Jasay

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Spring Has Sprung!

I gotta say; There's nothing like spring in the south!  I have begun my busy season and couldn't be happier!  Back home in Illinois I had to wait until April or May before people really got serious about getting back outside for pictures.  Here in Arkansas I can pretty much shoot all year 'round, but February and March seem to really kick the winter dulldrums out the door and people are ready to get outdoors!  LOVE IT!

This past weekend I shot one of my Senior Ambassadors and had a ball!  I'd like to share some of her images and let you know that I'm still on the hunt for 5 more seniors to take part in my Ambassador program.  Call or email for details!  501-303-7383 or

Tia Wind Photography

Welcome to my blog! I'm so glad you stopped by! I try to blog daily, but I'm sure I'll fall off the wagon eventually:) So, here's a little about me.....

I'm a wife, mother, sister and friend. I take my camera EVERYWHERE I go. Creating images that make my customers happy is my one and only goal! I love, love, LOVE getting behind the camera and do so every chance I get! I'm located in the Benton/Bryant/Central Arkansas area.

I'm an on location natural light photographer, which means I come to you and I use whatever light is available. I don't lug around heavy lights and equipment. And the best part about that is the fact that I don't have any overhead! Which means I can offer YOU great pictures at amazing prices!

Enjoy cruising through my blog:) Call me for details on my sessions and investment. I look forward to building my list of new friends and clients!

(501)-303-7383">Natural Light on Location Photography, by Tia Wind on Facebook

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Above all, I'm a mom of 3 amazing kis and a wife to the hottest man on the planet! :) Secondly, I'm a photographer. You can use this blog to keep up to date on recent sessions, news, upcoming events or just random posts about my life:) I shoot primarily in natural light and on location. I stive to capture my subjects' spirit and personality in every image I take! I'm living my dream!